Intellectual assets from IP rights:

A network with international reach:

Dabias provides:

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Based in the Munich area, Europe's leading region for intellectual property and biotechnology, Dabias is ideally positioned within a highly-experienced network that has proven value-adding experience and with an international reach.  

  • Review, assessment & due-diligence of technology, projects and intellectual property estates
  • Patent application drafting, filing and prosecution before the European Patent Office
  • Support for research-collaboration, licensing and other IP-transactional relationships and negotiation of terms
  • IP management and technology consulting

Innovative entities should identify, protect and exploit their intellectual *assets*, not merely collect rights to intellectual *property*  

Dabias is committed to providing stakeholders in the life-science industry with pragmatic and effective support to enable them to achieve this goal.  Dabias provides services to select European & International clients that have diverse perspectives of the life-science industry, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, patent-attorney & private equity-firms, as wells as research institutions and their technology transfer offices.