Routine IP management & technology consulting:

Review, assessment & due-diligence:

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Support for IP-transactional relationships:

  • Provision of research-collaboration & license term sheets appropriate for both parties’ business needs
  • Negotiation of IP, financial terms and other key terms
  • Drafting and review of business documents in advance of closure & execution
  • Review and analysis of patent, design, TM and IP-contractual situation of companies prior to M&A or financial investment
  • Assessment, valuation and prioritisation of patents, innovations, technologies and projects in the intellectual asset portfolio of clients
  • Recognition of further innovations and support with protection using appropriate IP right
  • Technology and project review and production of reports thereon​
  • Application drafting, review of examination reports and strategic preparation of responses for diverse forms of IP rights
  • Representation before the European Patent Office
  • Review of and support on CDA, MTA and other standard agreements related to IP paralegal issues of assignment, annuities and other formal issues of IP portfolios