As a co-founder of previously one of Germany’s leading life-science companies, David has a demonstrated track-record of a “can-do” approach coupled with pragmatic and creative solutions to generate efficiency, effectiveness and value: creating departments, strategies and processes, not only for intellectual property but also for research and operations.  He was successful in integrating his work within all critical divisions of the company – including executive management, R&D, finance, marketing and supply-chain - generating significant financial value for the company, both directly and indirectly.

David has a proven track record of pro-actively identifying, capturing, efficiently prosecuting and protecting commercially valuable innovations, though pragmatic and effective patent prosecution using in-house as well as external resources and counsel.  Through numerous due-diligence projects, he has significant experience in assessing and valuing IP estates - from single technologies or projects to whole biotechnology companies and their research-project or product-candidate pipelines.  Following M&A events and significant changes in corporate strategy, he has effectively prioritized and rationalised large IP portfolios to better align them with corporate strategy, saving cost and generating value through licensing and spin-outs of non-strategic technologies, projects and intellectual assets.

 Using his significant and internationally-minded knowledge of a variety of IP tools – especially patents, drug-product regulatory exclusivity, know-how protection, licensing and trademarks – David provides his clients with sound and commercially astute support to aid their business, in particular for companies having diverse commercial perspectives of the life-science industry.

David Bancroft is an intellectual property professional with significant international experience in the life-science industry, having both in-house responsibility within a transatlantic and publically listed biotechnology company, and private-practice experience as a consultant and qualified European Patent Attorney.  He has relevant and direct experience across diverse phases and aspects of the life-science industry, including start-up, private-financing/public-offerings, M&A, corporate transition/down-sizing, product R&D & pre-launch and project out-license/spin-out; with special skills in: (i) intellectual property, licensing, collaboration & other transactional contracts; (ii) operational, scientific and collaboration management; and (iii) business development, corporate, financial and financial activities; all especially as related to research technologies and drug-product R&D, clinical development, regulatory approval and launch.

David Bancroft - Intellectual Asset Services

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